Our Physical Location

Colline Hotel has unique location with an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility far away from the city’s maddening crowds and noise.

Colline Hotel sits along the way to the famous “Source of the Nile” in Jinja and is also just one hour drive away from Entebbe International Airport and only 21 kms from Kampala City center.


Colline Hotel Limited

  • P.O.Box 7, Kampala- Uganda
  • 0414-290533 / 290240
  • 0752- 723344 / 0392- 790212
  • FAX: 0414-290533
  • reservations@collinehotel.com
  • colline@collinehotel.com

Marketing Office

  • Marketing Office at Colline House, Kampala
  • 0414-251038
  • FAX: 0414-342041
  • marketing@collinehotel.com

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